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Be fit and healthy in NO time this spring

Exercising has many benefits for your body and mind. But time is always an issue in our lives. No need to spend hours in the gym, EMS training is great as it comes with a time benefit – 20minutes once or twice a week is sufficient to get the same effect as a 60-90 minutes conventional workout in the gym!

Try it for yourself and make use of our limited 18 session-package for the next three months to help you to achieve your fitness goals with ease. In each of your sessions with us you will be supported and supervised by a qualified EMS trainer: 

  • 6 weeks of EMS training – 1 x a week

  • 6 weeks of EMS training – 2 x a week

  • Your starter pack with your personal EMS gear & 3 consultations with us.

All for only $997 which saves you 15% off the original price.

Work as a trainer with our clients to get them the best training possible.

You’ll be in your best shape for summer in NO time.


Why not upgrade your nutrition too?

In addition to the Spring Offer, you can add to the package 3 x 1-on-1 in-depth sessions (via Skype) with our preferred nutrition coach Chloe Moir who is all about making small changes to help encourage you into better eating habits and helping you work towards your goals.

Chloe’s mission is to make living a healthy lifestyle a fun and enjoyable experience that is rewarding and exciting. The consultations are educational and will cover what to eat, when to eat and what to buy to allow you to make long-term healthy decisions. The regular follow-up sessions to keep you on the right track to achieving your personal goals. Sound like you?! Add this package to your EMS training for only $357.

Book here.


How can EMS training make a difference?

EMS training is a High Intensity Training with a twist. This comes in handy during times where your calendar is busier than ever before. A full body EMS session takes only 20 minutes, providing the same effect as a 60-90 minute conventional workout in the gym. Dedicate 30mins of your day once or twice a week and work on your goals. Anything from fitness, strengthening to weight loss – you name it and we’ll work with you towards your goal!