GET TIMe bACK in your day with 20mins EMS TRAINING

Do you have a busy schedule & feel it’s impossible to add exercise into your daily routine? We know exactly how you feel; that’s why we started fu/nis. With 20 minutes of EMS training, you:

– are in and out of our boutique studio in just 30 minutes
– always have a personal trainer at your side for motivation & form
– get a tailored session every time
– utilise the latest tech, making your session not only fast but also effective
and still have time for all the other important things in life!

Explore 20mins EMS training with our BUY1, Get 1 FREE deal. PLUS get a complimentary inBody body composition scan. All for just $87. Save over $100.

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I was skeptical in the beginning. But even after just 3 sessions I feel already so much more tone in my legs and glutes, it's crazy. Especially as I'm going to CrossFit 3 to 5 times a week as well, so it's not that I haven't trained prior.
A happy client of fu/nis EMS training in Auckland
Olivia Mc Iver
Business Owner, 'Done by' Agency
Over years I haven't managed to get rid of this muffin-top after the kids. In just 6 weeks of training (2xper week), I finally got my waist back and feel much stronger & toned.
Sonja F.
Marketing Manager
Before and after EMS training
fu/nis has definitely impacted my life in a positive way and has helped me achieve my fitness goals – in just 20minutes twice per week. Fitness, as well as mental well being, plays a pivotal role in my performance. The best workout I have done by far, and I have tried them all!
Fast results in a very short time-frame, I can't recommend them enough!!!
Sharn Piper raving fu/nis Fan
Sharn Piper
CEO, Attain NZ

It's all about Discovering time-saving hacks that get you the results you want.

What's included in our Buy1, Get 1 Deal?

Get ready for a quick, but effective full-body 20 minute workout that slides right into your busy lifestyle and changes the way you train.

  • Initial Health Check session
  • 2 x Personal EMS sessions (2 weeks worth of training)
  • 2 x Body Relax after each session (our unique cooldown)
  • 2 x Gear Rentals
  • A Personal EMS Trainer at your side for each session and lots of motivation!
  • PLUS a complimentary inBody Body Composition Scan. 

All of this for only $87.  Valued at over $200

We have two boutique studios, in Takapuna (NorthShore) and Downtown (Auckland City).  Newmarket coming soon!

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20mins of EMS training is an experience you need to make for yourself. Try us for two weeks to immerse yourself in a training that can save you time whilst keeping you fit!

The technology behind 20mins EMS Personal Training activates 90% of your muscles at the same time which makes it so efficient (20min EMS training = 90min conventional gym workout). Paired with a full-body workout guided by your Personal EMS trainer for 20 minutes, it’s an unbeatable combination. Bonus, it’s gentle on your joints as it’s body-weighted training only.

Get started TODAY!