We believe in a work-life balance. Routines and exercise are proven to help you feel great. But we know it’s hard to carve out me-time in our busy world with work commitments, family, commutes, friends, personal development and more.

That’s why we brought 20min EMS training to New Zealand.


Our members achieve their goals:

  • Becoming Stronger
  • Toning & Weightloss
  • Improved Posture & reduced Backpain
  • Better Mental Health
  • Increased Mobility (often after injuries)
  • and Higher Performance in other sport areas

One or two personal EMS training sessions per week is all it takes.

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We are a team of highly-trained and dedicated Personal EMS Trainer who are excited to help you achieve your goals.

EMS Personal Trainer Bruce

Bruce MacDonald // Personal EMS Trainer

Bruce is a certified Personal Trainer and has years of experience in the industry with aesthetic, performance and functional training as his main focus.

EMS training intrigues him as he resonates with any system, capable of enhancing the body. He’s all about balance in life. Bruce enjoys spending time with loved ones & friends, cooking great food, listening to music, running/ walking in nature, gym, relaxing on the beach in the sun and having treats such as ice cream.
Advocates for a
balanced Lifestyle
Likes running
EMS Personal Trainer Jana

Jana Martins Claro // Personal EMS Trainer

Jana has over 14years experience in the fitness industry. Plus, she’s going for her fourth qualification at present. She’s from Sao Paulo, known as Brazil’s concrete jungle.
For her, EMS training is an optimal tool to improve conditioning & quality of life, with reduced chances of injury. Her challenging training sessions usually incorporate a bit of her Pilates background!
Chocolate Lover
Cooking Skills
EMS Personal Trainer Pip

Pip Wilson // Personal EMS Trainer

Pip (Epiphany) is back on board after having her daughter in 2020. She fell in love with EMS training because it allows her to work with anyone who likes to train – no matter of their level of fitness.

Her Personal Training experience will get you sweating and trust us, she’ll not take no for an answer. With her nice smile, she gets you through the sessions and helps you become stronger and fitter.
Sleeps with a fan
all year round
Dislikes half
cooked eggs
Teammember at fu/nis personal EMS trainer Tyrone

Tyrone Marais // Personal EMS Trainer

Tyrone is a certified PT and licensed EMS trainer. He has struggled with multiple injuries & through this found EMS training.
His passion lies in health & wellness. With a focus to understand as much about his clients’ needs as possible, so he can create a rich & rewarding experience for each client he trains.
Cold Weather

Who's behind fu/nis?

‘I love seeing our members succeed and that we can have a positive effect on their lives. That’s what drives me.” 

fu/nis EMS training was founded by Catrina Kuehler, who is passionate about fitness and a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Being exposed to the amazing trend of 20minutes EMS training in Germany in 2010 right before her wedding (read the full story), she couldn’t wait to bring this exciting training to Auckland and New Zealand back in 2016.

Working these days behind the scenes you still meet her regularly in the studio.

Business owner Catrina Kuehler


20 minutes - It's shorter than a TV episode. So why not go to a gorgeous studio, surround myself with the most upbeat and supportive PTs I've ever encountered and indulge in a challenging session for both mind and body. 20 minutes at fu/nis is the equivalent of a complete strength workout session. And my muscles definitely tell me to believe that fact.
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Kim Burnside
Project Coordinator

TRY US & Find your impulse

We have some special trial training offers at present. Come for your initial intro session and test the training for yourself.  The impulses paired with a personalised workout instructed by our experienced Personal EMS trainer will help you activate muscles, you’ve never felt before.  Check out the training of the 21st century.