We believe in work-life balance. Routines and exercise are proven to help you feel great. But we know it’s hard to carve out me-time in our busy world with work commitments, family, commutes, friends, personal development and more.

That’s why we’ve brought 20min EMS training to New Zealand.


Our members achieve their goals:

  • Strengthening
  • Toning & Weightloss
  • Improved Posture & reduced Backpain
  • Improved Mental Health
  • Increased Mobility (often after injuries)
  • Higher Performance in other sport areas

One or two personal EMS training sessions per week is all it takes.

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We are a team of highly-trained and dedicated Personal EMS Trainers who are excited to help you achieve your goals. Learn more about the background of our trainer in the Auckland City and NorthShore Takapuna studio.

Teammember at fu/nis personal EMS trainer Tyrone

Tyrone Marais // Studio Manager City

Tyrone is our Manager extraordinaire. He is a certified PT and licensed EMS trainer. He has struggled with multiple injuries and through this found EMS training. Thus, he loves to help when it comes to injury rehab.

Tyrone’s passion lies in health & wellness, with a focus to understand as much about his clients’ needs as possible, so he can create a rich & rewarding experience for each individual he trains.

Studio: City & Newmarket
Mel - our second South African EMS trainer

Melanie Bergh-Lloyd // Studio Manager Takapuna

Mel is a qualified Personal Trainer & EMS Trainer from South Africa, and lived in the UK & Australia.

Mel has a background in teaching various classes as well as one on one training. She loves to take sessions out of the normal gym environment such as workouts outdoors using playgrounds and whatever is available in nature.

EMS is a great tool for her as she enjoys training members to their full potential and seeing results in a safe environment whilst using great technology.

Studio: Takapuna​
David our always happy ems trainer

David Guov // Personal EMS Trainer

David is a certified Personal Trainer and qualified EMS trainer. He brings not only industry experience, but his own personal experience as a competitive weightlifter to his role.

In addition he has the most infectious positive energy. His aim for you is to move the way we are created to move and perform at our peak. ⁠

David enjoys spending time with loved ones & friends to have a fun time. He also bikes everywhere!

Studio: City (partly Newmarket)
Alex from the Ukraine Personal EMS trainer

Alex Zalyubovskyy // Personal EMS Trainer

Alex is a certified Personal Trainer and comes loaded with many years of experience in the exercise & wellbeing field. He just recently immigrated to NZ from the Ukraine and loves his latest challenge with EMS training.⁠

With his calm, but challenging training style he will keep a close eye on your technique and posture so you can gain strength and feel better in every session.

In his free time he’s not only looking after his own health & wellbeing, but loves meditation and a good chat about all things lifestyle & nutrition.

Studio: City & Takapuna
Clare Pendreich

Clare Pendreich // Personal EMS Trainer

Clare is not only a certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor for over 3 years, she’s also a qualified water sport instructor.

Don’t mess with her, she has a 2nd Dan black belt in Karate and loves a mean glute workout.

Hailing from Scotland, Clare has already traveled 50 countries, which is a quarter of all countries in the world.

Her passion is being active outdoors.

Studio: City/ Newmarket

Soraya Sabatai // Personal EMS Trainer

Soraya is an experienced EMS trainer from Chile and worked for 2 years in the first EMS studio there. She’s a qualified PhysioTherapist. And has worked in her profession for over 4 years in Chile.

Studio: Takapuna (partly Newmarket)
Stephen EMS trainer at fu/nis

Stephen Evans // Personal EMS Trainer

Stephen has been a trainer for over 9 years in several different countries. He enjoys all types of training but has a particular fascination with performance and rehab. He is always looking to up-skill and keep up to date with the latest research and technologies, which is what drew him to EMS training.

Stephen has gone back to uni this year to get a second degree, in Physiotherapy. When he is not studying or working he can be found playing hockey in the winter, and hiking, swimming or playing social sports with friends in the summer.

Studio: City & Takapuna

Femi Alabi // Personal EMS Trainer

With more than 8 years as a personal trainer, Femi not only possesses expertise in strength and conditioning but also brings his experience in powerlifting and rehabilitation, including pre and post-injury care to the studio.⁠

His eagerness to acquire new skills and stay current with the latest research and technologies led him to EMS training.⁠

His infectious energy will make his sessions fly fast, so 20mins will seem even quicker. We’re excited for the new energy in the studio!⁠

Studio: City & Takapuna

Who's behind fu/nis?

‘I love seeing our members succeed and that we can have a positive effect on their lives. That’s what drives me.’

fu/nis EMS training was founded by Catrina Kuehler, wife and mum of two, who is passionate about fitness and a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Being exposed to the amazing trend of 20minutes EMS training in Germany in 2010 right before her wedding (read the full story), she couldn’t wait to bring this exciting training to Auckland and New Zealand back in 2016.

Catrina’s passion for EMS training has seen her dream of opening studios across the country come to fruition, partnering up with Kelly Percy to open the Takapuna Studio in July 2021.

Two business owner of fu/nis EMS training Auckland

‘It excites me to see people transform mentally and emotionally alongside their physical changes, and to be a part of that change is what inspires and elevates me.’

Starting out as a member in the city studio Kelly became so passionate about EMS training that she jumped at the opportunity to open the Takapuna Studio alongside Catrina.

Kelly completed a degree in Psychology in 2003, and has always placed great importance on having a healthy Mind, Body & Soul. A wife, mum of two, and business owner, Kelly’s busy lifestyle has always demanded systems and solutions that are fast and effective in producing results, so when EMS crossed her path, it was love at first sight!


20 minutes - It's shorter than a TV episode. So why not go to a gorgeous studio, surround myself with the most upbeat and supportive PTs I've ever encountered and indulge in a challenging session for both mind and body. 20 minutes at fu/nis is the equivalent of a complete strength workout session. And my muscles definitely tell me to believe that fact.
Member giving testimonial for fu/nis
Kim Burnside
Project Coordinator

TRY US & Find your impulse

We have some special trial training offers at present. Come for your initial intro session and experience the training for yourself.  The impulses, paired with a personalised workout instructed by our experienced Personal EMS trainer, will help you activate muscles you’ve never felt before.  Check out the training of the 21st century.