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20minutes Personal EMS Training is high-quality personal training that gets you results in a fraction of the time you spend at the gym as we use some smart impulses to intensify your workout. If you are sitting on the fence of doing EMS training, this is for you.
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*Memberships are classified as our 6months or 12months membership option. T&C applies.

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review1-compressor “I love EMS, because it helps me strength my core muscle and tone my body within just 20 minutes, twice a week. It’s the most value for money exercise I have tried, and giving me the most satisfactory and effective achievement comparing to other cardio or strengthening exercises I had done. Big thanks to all the caring coaches from EMS.”
– Nanxi

post2 “The best workout I have done by far, and I have tried them all! Fast results in a very short time-frame, I cant recommend them enough!”
– Sharn

post2 “I started fu/nis because twenty minutes a day, twice a week, was too appealing not to try. Based on my muscle soreness after those first few weeks, I knew it was working! Within a couple of months I felt stronger and definitely more toned. For me, fu/nis is a much more cost and time efficient (and far more enjoyable) routine than my previous 3-4 PT sessions a week.”
– Pink

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