Experience the training, loved by celebrities and athletes world-wide and take your health & fitness to the next level. No experience required.

  • 20minutes per session – that are as effective as 90min in the gym
  • Have a Personal EMS Trainer for optimal quality & motivation
  • LIMITED Contacts in our clean, boutique studio environment
  • Find us in Takapuna & Downtown, AKL.
  • Feel SAFE in times of Covid.  

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Experience Auckland’s LEADING EMS studioS…

 Based in central Auckland Downtown and now in Takapuna, fu/nis EMS helps busy & active people get fit fast for over five years.
// Superior Muscle activation due to cutting-edge EMS technology

// Tailored workouts designed to meet your fitness goals
// Fully qualified personal EMS trainers to guide you through each session
// In-and-out in just 30 minutes

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Includes: 1 x Health Consultation (in person or virtual)

2 x Full 20min EMS session with Personal EMS trainer

2 x Our unique Body relax Cool-Down Program

2 x Complimentary Towel-Service and Gear Rental

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I was skeptical in the beginning. But even after just 3 sessions I feel already so much more tone in my legs and glutes, it's crazy. Especially as I'm going to CrossFit 3 to 5 times a week as well, so it's not that I haven't trained prior.
A happy client of fu/nis EMS training in Auckland
Olivia Mc Iver
Business Owner, Soda Digital
Over years I haven't managed to get rid of this muffin-top after the kids. In just 6 weeks of training (2xper week), I finally got my waist back and feel much stronger & toned.
Sonja F.
Marketing Manager
Before and after EMS training
fu/nis has definitely impacted my life in a positive way and has helped me achieve my fitness goals – in just 20minutes twice per week. Fitness, as well as mental well being, plays a pivotal role in my performance. The best workout I have done by far, and I have tried them all!
Fast results in a very short time-frame, I can't recommend them enough!!!
Sharn Piper raving fu/nis Fan
Sharn Piper
CEO, Attain NZ


We believe everyone needs to find the training style they like. We love EMS training as it delivers in a fraction of a time in the gym a workout that delivers on all goals – tone, weightloss, increased strength & performance. All in a private, clean studio atmosphere. Perfect for you to feel safe in times of Covid.

The technology behind 20mins EMS Personal Training activates 90% of your muscles at the same time which makes it so efficient (20min EMS training = 90min conventional gym workout), and each session releases those good endorphins so you can feel amazing. Paired with your Personal EMS trainer at your side for 20minutes it’s an unbeatable combination.

Why else would it be used worldwide from the likes of Usain Bolt, Roger Federer and Madonna?!

Happy endorphins after workout with ems training


Leave your expectations at the door, EMS training will offer you a workout experience like no other. Be in and out in 30mins – that’s all it takes to feel great!