Find your impulse at fu/nis EMS training. We have options to try us and flexible membership deals to join us. We believe exercise should easily fit into your routine so you can stick to it. Our 20min EMS workout will activate up to 90% of your muscles so you can achieve your health & fitness goals.

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Are you ready to make the first step to a fitter, healthier you? Keen to spice up your workout routine? Whatever it is, we have flexible price & intro options.

What to expect from our trial session: We always start with a private 1-1 session in our studio which includes

// Health & Fitness-Goal-Consultation

// Introduction to EMS training  

// Your first 20min EMS session

// Our unique Body Relax program at the end

Your initial trial session takes 60minutes to give you the best experience. Usually, an EMS training session only takes 30minutes.

2 for 1 Trial // $59

Intrigued about EMS training - the results, the time, the program? Give it a go and test if for yourself, if you love it as much as our members. See what's included.

2 for 1 Trial Offer Details


1 x Health & Goal Consultation // 2 x 20min EMS sessions // 2 x Body Relax (Cool-Down) // 2 x Gear Hire

T&C’s: New fu/nis customers only. One-time purchase. All purchases are non-transferable and final sale. Valid for 14 days from the date of first booking. Valued at $128

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Trial Month // $249

Want to get into the right routine right from the start? Create your new fitness routine with us over 4 weeks. See for yourself what results EMS training can get you.

Trial Month Offer Details


1 x Health & Goal Consultation // 8 x 20min EMS sessions // 8 x Body Relax (Cool-Down) // 8 x Gear Hire

T&C’s: New fu/nis customers only. One-off purchase. Non-transferable. Valid for 28 days from first session. Valued at over $450. Max two EMS sessions p/w.

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Our flexible membership options and concession cards are made to suit your lifestyle. Talk to us about our monthly “Join us” deals or tailored options. Session prices can be as low as $39 per Personal EMS Training.


// Flexible options to suit your lifestyle.
// 6 or 12 sessions
// Personal EMS trainer for each session
// Valid for 2 or 3 months
// No contract


// Once or Twice a week
// Personal EMS trainer for each session
// GoalSetting & regular Check-Ins
// To be used within 6 months
// Catch up period for unused sessions


// Once or Twice a week
// Personal EMS trainer for each session
// GoalSetting & regular Check-Ins
// To be used within 12 months
// Catch-up period for unused sessions


Book your sessions online. If you are new, it’s a simple 3-step process:

1. Choose “Book Appointment”, your session choice from our diary & the time

2. Create an account by clicking on the blue button ‘Register here’

3. Confirm & purchase your session

As soon as you’ve done above, you’ll get a confirmation of the booking. If you logged in the first time, an email with everything you need to know about getting the most out of fu/nis EMS training.

Tip: Directly book the session in your own calendar so you’ve blocked out the time for yourself. 

We care for you.

Please find our Studio Guidelines here to allow you the best experience possible with us!

We are a small studio and can only take two people at the same time. If you are unable to keep your session, please notify us & re-schedule as soon as possible.

Please cancel at least 24hrs in advance. You can email us anytime, call us, leave a message on our answering machine or just reply to the appointment reminder you receive via txt. There is a full session fee for missed appointments without any notice within the given timeframe. You will not be able to catch up on sessions not cancelled in time. We waive this for emergencies only at our discretion.

In respect to the studio and other members who might want that specific time slot, we would highly appreciate your understanding



Improve strength, power, speed and tone your body in a session of just 20 minutes. Thanks to the EMS technology, in this short time you will train your body as you would in 60-90 minutes of conventional training in the gym. You can strengthen the deeper layers of muscle, which also helps to improve your posture and prevent back pain, whilst being gentle on your joints. This makes EMS training a fitness tool for everybody from 18 to 70 years.

EMS stands for Electro-Muscle Stimulation. This means that the skeletal muscles are contracting through the effect of low-frequency electric impulses (they do not affect smooth muscles such as major organs). It is no different to conventional training or daily activities, where the muscles are contracted and controlled by electrical signals sent by the Central Nervous System (CNS) however EMS training mimics what your brain normally does but at a higher rate, making it more efficient. The agonist, antagonist and deeper-lying muscles are all simultaneously stimulated. As a result users are able to gently and effectively train both specific muscle groups as well as their whole body.

You can travel light to your EMS session with us. We provide you with a towel, water and gear in your first session. (Afterwards, you can decide to purchase your own or rent it from us.) You can bring sports shoes if you like or workout bare feet. Easy?!
Yes, in fact, many famous professional athletes use EMS alongside of their sports-specific training. As EMS training enables very deep muscular contractions, this helps build a strong foundation of strength that can then be used in other forms of exercise. EMS training allows for sports-specific movements which will additionally help any athlete in training for their particular sport.

Please give yourself 48 hours between each EMS session especially during the first few weeks to allow for muscular soreness while your body/ muscles adapt.

We love kids and usually, it’s no problem to bring your child due to the short workout timeframe. They can safely watch you doing your workout or you bring your pram into the studio whilst they sleep.
Mother doing EMS training

See all our FAQ’s here. Feel fit and healthier in as little as three sessions


Get more than just a workout! We’re your fitness partner with personalised EMS training to suit your fitness level and goals. Find out about your options if you are new to fu/nis EMS training.