Effects of a Whole-Body EMS Program on Strength, Sprinting, Jumping and Kicking Capacity in Elite Soccer Players

(Study by Andre Filipovic, Marijke Grau, Heinz Kleinöder, Philipp Zimmer, Wildor Hollmann, Wilhelm Bloch, 2016)

Football player with better performance due to EMS training

The physical demands of soccer players changed over the last 10 years due to modern game philosophies and tactics. Especially, the distances covered in the higher intensities and the number of explosive actions such as accelerations, turns, and jumps have increased (Di Salvo et al., 2010; Mohr et al., 2003). Therefore, a player’s sprint ability and the dynamic and explosiveness of his movements are some of the most crucial criteria in today’s sports world. The following is an overview of the study and doesn’t represent the full scientific experiment. 

// Aim of study
The aim of the present study was to investigate the effect of a 14-week dynamic Full-body or Whole-Body Electrostimulation (WB-EMS) training program. Tested parameters are muscular strength, soccer relevant sprint, jump and kicking velocity performance in elite soccer players during competitive season.

// Methodology

Twenty-two field-players were assigned to 2 groups:

– WB-EMS group (EG, n = 12),
– Jump-training group (TG, n = 10).

The training programs were conducted twice a week concurrent to 6-7 soccer training sessions during the 2nd half of the season. Participants were tested before (baseline), during (wk-7) and after (wk-14).

// Results

Our findings of the present study were that a 14-week in-season WB-EMS program significant increased

  • (Maximum) strength performance increased on average by 30 %
  • Jumping performance increased on average by 9 %
  • Speed and sprint performance increased on average by 19%
  • Kicking speed increased on average by 16 %

The TG showed no changes in strength and performance.

// Conclusion
The results give positive hints. Two sessions of a dynamic WB-EMS training in addition to 6-7 soccer sessions per week can be effective for significantly enhancing soccer relevant performance capacities in professional players during competitive season.

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Filipovic, A., Grau, M., Kleinöder, H., Zimmer, P., Hollmann, W., & Bloch, W. (2016). Effects of a Whole-Body Electrostimulation Program on Strength, Sprinting, Jumping, and Kicking Capacity in Elite Soccer Players. Journal of sports science & medicine15(4), 639–648.