Monday 17th October- this was our first day meeting the fu/nis family, and beginning the road to our new adventure together! We had scheduled an overseas skype conference call, where our supplier introduced us to EMS training, took us through the theory and scientific research behind this new training, and instructed us through practical sessions.


Our week of training before opening

Roughly 4-5 hours each day, we were taking in more information, using one and other as Guinea Pigs to test the equipment, trialling different programs, and testing each others’ thresholds. Personally, I had no idea what to expect. Would it hurt? No. Would I sweat profusely? No. Would I be totally uncoordinated? No. To begin with, we familiarised ourselves with the equipment and had a light session, just to gently introduce our body to this new sensation. As time went on, we became more confident, courageous almost, and really tried to push ourselves. In the following days, we understood from a first hand perspective how effective such a short training session could be. My glutes, legs and core had muscular aches I had missed after a good session in the gym, and it felt so good to have that back. It took us only a short time to become familiar with the equipment, and really learn how to instruct and partake in EMS training.

It wasn’t all physical learning, there was a surprising amount of theory behind this new method of training. It was as though I was back at Uni again, trying to cram a load of study into one week. However it was such an interesting topic, I found myself at home later trying to read up some more on it- the first time I had actively done “homework” in years! We began to understand the underlying principles around EMS training, and the exact physiological effects it has within the body.

Three days of conference calls were complete, and it was time for us to invite family and friends through! We had three days to brush up on our skills and get as much practise in as possible before we opened to the public. As these days went on, we become more confident, more experienced, and felt ready to open the business to Auckland City!

Week one was complete. 

And then it was Tuesday 25 October, our first officially open day! The journey begins.