EMS training is not only fast, but offers a great workout opportunity

Full-Body EMS training has been around for quite some time now. Physiotherapists and professional sports people have been using it for years to help with rehabilitation and sports performance. 

This form of training is using gentle activation throughout your skeletal muscle system without you having to use any extra loads like weights. This means there’s less strain on joints and ligaments. 

It has been scientifically proven 

  • to help strengthen muscles, 
  • helping with body sculpting and 
  • building endurance.

And the sessions only take 20 minutes to give you the maximum benefit.

Personal Training with EMS Buddy workout

Benefits of 20min EMS training for your health & wellbeing

Here’s a few other benefits of EMS training you should know:

  1. Saving you time

One of the things we can’t buy is TIME. With 20 minutes EMS training your muscles are activated up to 150 times more than what you’ll get from your regular conventional training. So this is your opportunity to “buy” yourself some extra time.

  1. Builds strength and endurance

With EMS training you activate up to 90% of your muscles to their full potential. With conventional training you will only use between 40 – 70% of your strength potential. This also means that your muscles will increase their contracting capacity and eventually increase muscle endurance.

  1. Fat reduction or lose weight

EMS training promotes your metabolism rate. Metabolism rate is the rate that your body can burn calories and build lean muscle.

With EMS training it’s been scientifically proven that you still burn calories long after your workout – between 36 – 48 hours afterwards. This is significantly longer than what you’ll get from conventional training.

  1. Improving your posture and reducing back pain

Most of us struggle with a bad posture, due to the fact that we’re sitting for long hours behind a desk. EMS training helps you to strengthen your back muscles, abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles with each 4 sec activation. Generally we sit most of the day, which shortens our chest muscles, hamstrings and reduces the strength of our glute muscles. EMS training helps with these muscle imbalances to straighten our posture. 

  1. Muscle tension?

EMS training promotes higher blood circulation and this helps to reduce the muscle tension. 

  1. Promoting sports performance

We’ve touched on this above. Professional sports people have been using this method of training for years. Because EMS training helps the muscle to have a complete contraction, it makes it very convenient for high performance sports people.

This increases the capacity of strength training and helps with muscle imbalances. Check out more research around this here.

  1. Increasing core strength

Since EMS training is able to activate a big group of muscles at the same time, it is possible to stabilize the hip joints, spine and strengthen the core muscle.

Remember that core muscles are not only your abdominal muscles, but it also includes your glutes (bum muscles), your pelvic floor muscles, muscles supporting your spine, and the oblique muscles.

Convinced? We thought so ;)! 

EMS training is definitely a win-win situation, not only saving you time, but also strengthening your body and improving your health & wellbeing. 

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