Why do we get results in Personal EMS training without using weights?

Let’s look at the science behind the way how we instruct EMS training here at fu/nis. With sticking to bodyweight based exercises we reduce your risk of injury to a minimum and still get great results. How is this possible?

History of bodyweight training

The Shaolin Monks in China and the Spartans in ancient Greece, centuries before Christ, were apparently the first who used bodyweight exercises to train their people. In times of conflict, it was paramount to be strong and fit for possible battles. In the modern era, calisthenics is the name assigned for this type of training, and it’s success and popularity is due to the fact that it can be adapted to people with different levels of fitness. It also requires minimum equipment and is based on compound movements. 

Calisthenic exercise

Compound movements

Types of exercises which recruit several muscles simultaneously are deemed compound movements. The main benefits of compound movements are: 

  • The activation of multiple muscle fibers ‘forces’ your body to use more energy, hence, you burn more calories. 
  • When you train standing up, you activate stabilizing muscles, something that wouldn’t happen when training in most gym machines.
  • They make your muscles work in a coordinated way, replicating movements that you perform in real life. 

Finally, compound movements promote the development of a useful body or the way it is called in the fitness environment, a functional body.

What’s a ‘Functional’ Body?

A proper functional body allows you to do different activities safely and efficiently in your daily living.  Walking up stairs, carrying or playing with your kid, picking up a supermarket bag or even doing garden work shouldn’t be an issue for anyone. 

Family plays together man lifts child

What happens when you combine compound movements with the EMS technology?

The EMS technology activates up to 90% of your muscles at the same time. 

The combination of that along with compound movements, makes the art of calisthenics step up to the next level, where you need to perform those real life bodyweight movements with a challenging resistance going throughout your whole body. 

The result of this is a more efficient workout, where in 20 minutes you will have a safe, full body workout, and have more time for the important stuff in your life. As there’s never been more focus on hygiene and what we touch, our approach brings another positive aspect to be a Covid safe workout. So, here’s to no weights in your 20min EMS Strength session.

What are you waiting for :),  come and try a session at fu/nis?

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