You’ve set yourself a new goal, starting with a new training plan and you’ve found new motivation. Perfect! Now, let’s have a look at some benefits of adding a Personal Trainer or PT to your plan.

A Personal Trainer is goal driven expert in their field of work and will keep you on track. A good thing is that everyone isn’t the same, so you will be able to find that one person or team like with us that you will connect with and keep you motivated.


We all have an idea of what we want to achieve from our training plan. But we’re only humans, so it happens that you just can’t get up when that alarm goes off in the morning and you push your exercise to after work. Then after a long day of work you actually just want to go home and relax a little bit instead of going to the gym. 

That’s where your Personal Trainer will help you:

  • they keep you accountable and 
  • they add new motivation to your training program. 
  • They inspire and motivate you throughout your session. 

At fu/nis we work towards your goal with that extra motivation you need.

personal EMS trainer supports the client getting the best out of the training exercise

Personalized training program:

Sometimes we get stuck in our workout routine and then your results start to lack. Your personal trainer will keep your program personalized to what your goals are. At fu/nis we make sure we know what your goals are and what you want to achieve, so we can keep your program personal and functional.

A challenge to improve:

Often it happens that you strike a plateau in your exercise plan or/and results. Your Personal Trainer will keep pushing you to get better results. They will add on to your exercises and ensure that you are reaching new heights that you never thought would be possible.

A variety of exercises:

To have an exercise plan with a variety of exercises will be another benefit that you can enjoy from a personal trainer . Your Personal Trainer will make sure to include exercises that will focus on your whole body, instead of you focusing on only a certain amount of exercises.

The right form and posture:

Often it happens that you start to lose your form or posture as loads are getting heavier. A personal trainer will always take care of your posture and your form when you are performing your exercises. They make sure that you are activating the right muscles. This will keep you safe while you are training and help you avoid unnecessary injuries. For us it’s important that you keep your form even when the impulses are getting stronger. 

Goals & results:

At fu/nis we take your goals to heart. We want to see you improving and reaching new heights. You are important to us. Ideally we want to have a quick check in with you every 6 weeks to see how you are progressing.

Remember that little things are also important to you, a healthy lifestyle will ensure a healthy mentality. We want to be part of that journey!

At fu/nis you are able to enjoy the expertise and benefits of a personal trainer in each session. We are here to help to set goals, keep you motivated, keep you safe, have fun whilst you are training and reaching those goals!