With more time on our hands, we needed ourselves to look into what we can do and wanted to share our ideas and inspiration with you. We hope we can inspire you to get some positive things out of this current experience and extra-time at your hands. 

Keep calm and informed

Stay fit and active

  • You can’t go to your gym yes, but please do not avoid being active! Exercise and keeping your body active helps with mental wellness and reduces stress! Trust us 🙂
  • Here are 5 easy exercises to do every day to help you get started.
working out at home is easy with these 5 exercises

Do the things you wanted to do for so long

Not sure about you, but we always have some things on our list that we want to do and that we procrastinate. So, here’s to not pushing this project out any further.

  • Frame your photos
  • Clean out those cupboards and boxes  
  • What about getting creative and brighten a room with some new paint or a focus wall
  • Organise your clothes
  • Tackle your budgets and any other admin tasks
Decluttering your house and tidying can feel like you move into a new space

Listen to exciting podcasts aka focus on your Personal Growth 😉

  • Waiting in the line at the supermarket – there are a few different places where you can find some good podcasts. 
  • Make sure that you find something that will help you get new ideas and also something that inspires you. Tony Robbins is a go-to for us or Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations. 
  • RNZ will have something for everyone, even some bedtime stories for the kids.

Keeping the kids busy

Whoohoo! Take a look at this website. Free printables, activities and teaching tasks! Cool, right?

Use the opportunity and go on daily explorations, walks or bike rides. Double-whammy – you were active and burned some energy off, plus you spend some quality time together exploring your neighborhood.

Organise the rooms in your house

We use an easy guideline to simplify our homes: what we haven’t used for more than 6 months – we can usually get rid of. A lot of things in our houses are underused, and you can either donate it to your local Op-Shop or make some extra money by selling them e.g. on TradeMe. 

  • Bathrooms

Go through what you have in your cupboards and boxes and what you don’t use – throw it out as you most likely won’t use it ever again. Like:

  • Old make-up (products like Mascara shouldn’t be used longer than 3 months for example)
  • Medicine that reached their expiry date
  • Hotel soaps (especially the cheap ones that are not as great for your skin)
  • Old razors
  • Make sure you wash your makeup brushes
  • Hair products that you haven’t used for 6 months
  • When have you last changed your toothbrush?

  • Kitchen 

Most of the time, less is more.

  • Make sure that you don’t clutter your kitchen, we tend to have so many decorative things, keep it practical.
  • Do you use all the electrical appliances in your kitchen? Otherwise, let them go. 
  • Have a look at the expiry dates of your spices, flower, nuts, etc. Are all still good to be used?
  • Living rooms
    • Throw away old things that you are not using or listening to any more – DVD’s, remotes, etc
    • Magazines and newspapers – make space for new ones.
  • Bedrooms
    • Anything that does not add to a relaxing atmosphere, throw it out.
    • Go through your wardrobe – we like the principles of Marie Kondo – what doesn’t give you please you or you haven’t worn this last 12 months, donate or sell it!

Become a couch wanderer

Yeah, nah – we can’t travel at the moment, but let’s travel with others!

When this time comes to an end, we can explore and travel again (at least within the country). So start planning, dream and create that next adventure! On this website,  there’s extra information about things to do in and around NZ. Let’s embrace it!

Now is the time to try a new look – because, ‘Why not?’

There are quite some inspirational fashion experts in NZ. Lulu Wilcox for example, who trained with us in the past, is an amazing stylist and a great person to get inspiration from. A few simple tips we 

  • It’s important to know what your body shape is and how to dress accordingly
  • Try something new with your hair
  • Take care of your skin.
  • Tips from a magazine always help too, have a look! 

Get busy in your garden

Get your house winter ready

Check the status of your house, the gutters and everything around to see if they need a professional clean. Arranging that now for after lock-down saves you precious time later. 

Read that book that’s been sitting on the shelf instead of binge-watching 🙂

Get creative

  • Yes we love that there’s so many different DIY ideas at the tip of our fingers. Have a look at Mitre10 DIY guide.
  • How about knitting? Here’s a few patterns for free!  
  • We love a good adult colouring book and it’s so relaxing. Find that inner child again.
  • Follow Your Family’s website from South Africa to see what they have available for adults and children
  • Write a little bit, in a year’s time it will be interesting to see what your thoughts were in this special time. 
Women is DIY painting her wall with fresh colour

For a change focus on YOU, your relationships and your dreams

In this lock down period it is a good time to reflect on where you are at the moment. Remember to take care of yourself!

  • Start for example a journal where you can write down 5 things that you are grateful for every day. Or use this time to reflect on your relationships, your job and your happiness.
  • Call or video call your parents, your kids, your siblings and your friends. 

Remember that physical distancing is what we are doing but social connection is still very important in times like these!