As many of you know, I had my first EMS training session in Germany leading up to my wedding in 2010. These days it feels like ages ago. EMS training was at that time still relatively new in the German market and a true novelty. It has changed immensily!

I’ve just been back to Germany after three years with my family. It felt like being a long time out of touch with what is happening in Europe. 

Meet my EMS training Buddy
 fu/nis EMS trainings’ ambassador meets BodyStreet Eppendorf

One observation that I made is that the Germans seem to be even more busy than we are. Trains were packed, even at off-peak times. Streets are full with cars, e-scooters, bikes, pedestrians – life is just busy over there. Sure, we’re stressed too, but most of us who have lived overseas will agree, the stress levels over there are somehow higher and the plates of work are just full-on. 

You find EMS training studios bascially everywhere

Hence, it didn’t surprise me to see EMS training studios booming over there (as in many other parts of the world). 20minutes for a full workout is a no-brainer. I knew about this EMS workout boom, but it’s always a different experience if you see it first hand. 

Let me give you an example of what I mean with ‘booming’. In an inner-city suburb of Hamburg, my hometown, I had the choice of 6! EMS studios in close proximity. That’s a suburb roughly the size & style of Ponsonby and all studios were in walking distance and humming. Amazing!

Surely the population density is higher than compared to an Auckland neighbourhood, but still – 6 EMS studios – I didn’t know where to start and  in the end tested the three franchises Bodystreet, Fitbox & 25minutes, that I remembered from when I was still living in Germany and that I wanted to find out more about. 

EMS training overseas

The interesting part was that the training differed clearly from Franchise to Franchise studio. How did it differ: 

 -They all had different ways on how to adjust the impulses, 

– There were clear distinctions on  how they guided me through the exercises and 

– The overall handling was different in each one. 

But in essence – in all three, I got a great workout which fitted ideally into my busy travel schedule. 

What do I take home from this:

EMS training is still a novelty to us here in New Zealand. But as much as fu/nis EMS training is fairly new to the market, it won’t take much longer for EMS training as a category to become more widely known. 

With so many people being busy, overly stressed, willing but unable to live a very healthy lifestyle and at the edge of their own capacity – I vote that a workout option like EMS training, that only takes 20minutes of your time, but still gives you the same health benefits like a 90minutes session, will be become more and more accepted in our market. 

What do you think? Have you tried EMS training with us yet? If not, check out our options and book a session to be in the know.