My name is Claudia and I am a certified fitness instructor. After a few years of  working in the fitness industry I landed an opportunity to work in the first ever Italian EMS training studio. This was a chance to be among one of the first in my country to train people using this new and innovative technology. After a year of training people using this technology and seeing health and fitness goals being achieved I can say that the results are real. 

Woman working out with EMS gear to lose weight

My favourite story of my client losing weight

One of my favourite success stories was a lady and her struggle to lose weight. Her goal was to lose 10 kg. She decided her first step would be to go to see a nutritionist. He advised that she needed to combine a healthy diet with fitness and strength work to accelerate her goal and gain better results. Unfortunately her first two weight loss attempts were unsuccessful. 

Working out 2-3 times per week for 1.5 hours per session, she struggled to dedicate the required time and effort it took using conventional training. That is when she discovered EMS training. Through EMS training she began working out only 1-2 times per week for only 20 minutes per session which reduced the time and effort needed substantially. The regaining of time allowed her to focus on taking control of her diet and alter other aspects of her life to ensure she was staying as active as possible. This included simple things like taking the stairs at any given opportunity and parking the car further from the supermarket. As a result, not only did she reach her weight loss goal within the time frame she set but she regained her health and a better lifestyle.

How EMS training helped her with her goal

EMS delivers a total body workout in only 20 minutes. It is no different to conventional training or daily activities where the muscles are contracted and controlled by electrical signals sent by the Central Nervous System (CNS) however EMS training mimics what your brain normally does but at a higher rate. The agonist, antagonist and deeper-lying muscles are all simultaneously stimulated. As a result you will train your body as you would in 60-90 minutes of conventional training in the gym but in only 20 minutes. 

The higher rate of electrical signals allows you to increase the load placed on the muscles without overloading the joints. As a result more you experience more muscle growth (hypertrophy). This increased growth in muscles raises your basal metabolic rate allowing you to burn more calories. The more muscles you have the higher your basal metabolic rate becomes and the greater your calorie expenditure – even at rest. Therefore EMS training is able aid in weight loss by producing faster results in a quick but effective manner.

Do you want to have a better lifestyle and increase your fitness level but have no time for the gym? 

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