End of the year hustle

Summer is on it’s way, and it’s crunch time being end of year. This is the point in each year where everyone feels the pressure at work, whilst frantically trying to achieve that “summer body” that should have been a priority months ago. Unfortunately, countless crunches and juice cleanses won’t be the best solution to get that six-pack ready for the beach. Seen as time is a massive constraint for most people at this time of year, how would a 20 minute full body workout, only 1-2 times per week suffice?

Friends working out at fu/nis EMS training

Easy enough to fit into your lunch break, or as a mood booster at the start or end of your working day, EMS training is the perfect solution for a fast and effective way to define your body and lose weight. Regular EMS training assists in the breakdown of body fat, whilst promoting an increase in muscular strength. Thanks to the state of the art EMS gear, all major muscle groups are activated at the same time at high intensity during the 20 minute session, so there is no need to dedicate certain days to certain muscle groups!

How does a functional workout session look like at fu/nis EMS training?

You push, pull, squat, lunge and twist your way through your 20 minute workout with the guidance of our EMS personal trainer, who is constantly challenging your impulse intensity to maximise the benefit of each session. Each time you come back, our EMS personal trainer will tailor your session to suit your needs on the day and push your limits, therefore helping to increase these impulses to further your strength potential and assist in metabolising that extra body fat that proves so difficult to be rid of!

This new and exciting workout is the perfect way to maximise the minimal time you have available before Christmas. Within the short time that fu/nis EMS training has been open for business, we have received positive feedback such as: “My glutes and legs have never felt so firm!”, and “I feel so energised and ready for the day after the session!” We have recent mothers, busy corporates, regular gym junkies and even our own trainers regularly participate in the workout, so you can be sure it is a must-do!