Most of you guys don’t know yet that my (Tyrone) passion is not only fitness but lies in the coaching aspect of training. 

Something I have been thinking about in the last days: If you were to imagine a blank page of paper and in the centre would be a LITTLE BLACK DOT!! What would you be able to tell me about the page of paper?

Mental Health & Black Dot

The two circles of influence we have

As I’m sure, most of you know we are in unmeasured territory where there is not much control in our immediate environment. However, what i have learnt is that we have two circles of influences, our circle of influence and our circle of concern. Most of our stress and anxiety comes from our circle of concern, i.e. someone else’s behaviour, government, Covid-19 etc. Unfortunately, these are things that are out of our control. 

We then have the circle of influence; these are things we can directly influence from taking action, i.e. your behaviour/attitude, our families and how they are dealing with things, our friends, our businesses, our HEALTH and the spreading of COVID 19.

The perspective the Black Dot theory allows us to take

Now to pull it back to the black dot theory, most of us would see this page of paper and what we would write about it will all be focused on the black dot, i.e. our circle of stress, the things we are not in control of. However, if you pull yourself back a bit, you will be able not only to see the black dot, but you will now notice all the white paper around it. i.e. your circle of influence, the positivity in life, all the love and light and the possibility to fill that blank space with things that fill your cup as well as the precautions to keep yourself and the ones you love in a healthy space mentally and physically.

We control what we want to experience

So, let’s use this time to focus on things that are important to us. Spend quality time with our families and allow yourself and your body to rest and restart from the years of stress that has built up. Renew your body and mind during this time. At the end of the day, we all have to go through this together, and we have a choice to do it with a negative mindset or a positive one.

Let go of what you can’t control and be the change you want to see in the world. Staf safe, Tyrone.