Kathryn’s opinion and why she loves EMS training

Find out why Kathryn integrates EMS training in her own training regime, and how she benefits from it in this post.

Easier running and exercising due to EMS training.

I had the ultimate European summer in 2016. Travelling for four months around ten different countries- absolute bliss. And then all of a sudden I landed back in Auckland, a few kgs heavier and not ready to embrace reality.

Within two weeks I was taking part in the training for the opening of fu/nis – the first EMS studio in New Zealand.

What better way to get back into an exercise routine than be the Guinea Pig for a whole new world of training!? So I threw myself back into the gym and also started pounding the pavement, going for a couple of runs each week. After two weeks of this, I introduced EMS into my training regime.

Running was a serious struggle at first, and my motivation lacked at the gym. However, EMS was new and exciting to me (and only lasted 20 minutes!) so these were the days I would look forward to the most. Much to my hesitation, I took all appropriate measurements and even photos and decided to reassess myself in four weeks to see what progress I had made.

EMS training convinced me

WELL! Before I even had my reassessment, I could feel how much fitter I was getting in such a short time! When running, my muscles were not tiring as quickly, thus my muscular endurance had improved, and I wasn’t extremely out of breath by the time I returned home as I had been in the past.

I was feeling more energetic and powerful at the gym, and found myself walking away from 95% of my workouts impressed with the effort I could put in.

The progress photos showed my stomach definition was slowly but surely improving, my back was starting to lean out, and my bum was starting to curve into the shape I had been wanting! Not only this, but my measurements had taken centimetres off my waist and a few off my hips, and I had dropped 3kg in the 4 weeks! This was incredibly motivating to see, so the next time I was due for an EMS session I smashed the session even harder!

Ab workout with leg lowers

EMS is my go-to training ever since

Now months down the track, I am running 6 kilometres further (and faster), increasing my weights steadily at the gym, and still fitting in my essential 2x EMS training sessions per week. My stomach, glutes and back are still improving, and additionally, I have seen positive changes in the shape and definition of my arms and shoulders – which have always have been an area of weakness for me!

On the days I feel a lack of energy or motivation, EMS is my absolute go to, not only with the help of a personal trainer to push me through the workout, but it’s finished in 20 minutes – giving me more time to spend on other things in my busy lifestyle! EMS has not only useful as a compliment to my other training but also to cater to my needs on days where I’m just not feeling I can push through it alone.

Not only have I seen such positive results, but daily our clients have been coming in with their own kind of success stories. Our first ever client was thrilled at her first reassessment, having lost a whopping 8cms from her waist and 4cm from her hips, also claiming her clothes were starting to feel a bit big.

My conclusion

Whether it’s your sole workout in your exercise regime or used in addition to other activities, EMS can positively benefit a huge population.

Written by Kathryn, fu/nis EMS trainer since 2016