We interviewed one of our lovely members, Kirsty, who used us as part of her Wedding Preparation.

Kirstys Wedding

fu/nis: Congrats Kirsty, you just came back from your big wedding back home in the UK last month. That’s so exciting. Tell us a bit more; you look amazing. What was your driver to look for some additional training prior to your wedding? What was your goal?
Kirsty: I used to teach Body Balance yoga 4 or 5 times a week or more back in the UK about 3 ½ years ago. Since then we moved to New Zealand, and my fitness level has certainly decreased! I also had a second baby who is two years now.
This year I turned 40 in March, and I finally married my life long partner in February. With our big ceremony and party in the UK in July, this was the real motivator to get me back to fitness. My goal is to get my body back to how it looked 3 ½ years ago when we arrived in New Zealand, but stronger. I also want to specifically strengthen my hip, which has been weakened since childbirth.

fu/nis: How did you hear about EMS training?
Kirsty: I had never heard of it until I heard Catrina talking about it at a party with friends as she got hooked to EMS training for her Wedding too, and I was very intrigued.

Kirsty, busy mum, brings her daughter to training

fu/nis: What was your initial reaction to a 20min workout with some ‘magical’ but electrical buzzes instead of a ‘normal’ workout?
Kirsty: Let’s be honest. I really struggle to fit exercise into my daily routine at the moment with two busy children, so the idea of a 20 minute workout once a week that could get results really grabbed my interest!

fu/nis: Did you have any objections that it can work?
Kirsty: I certainly thought it sounded a little too good to be true. I don’t tend to like fads or ‘quick fixes’, and so I was cautious and sceptical. However, I thought there was nothing to lose in giving it a go.

fu/nis: What burning questions did you have before you came for your first session?
Kirsty: I wanted to understand how it worked and how it would feel.

fu/nis: How did you find the first session?
Kirsty: Honestly, I wasn’t an immediate fan of the sensation. The buzzing feeling is not at all painful – but it’s just a bit strange, and I didn’t really enjoy this the first time. I did, however, enjoy the one on one personal training during the session that was very motivating. It was also all finished super fast, and I didn’t even break a sweat!

fu/nis: What did you feel afterwards and what was the reason for you to go with it as your primary training of choice for your wedding preparation?
Kirsty: After the first session, I felt unsure whether I wanted to continue as I’m more of a yoga girl normally! However, it was great to have personal training, and I felt so motivated to improve the rest of my lifestyle more, just from this session. The next day I could feel my muscles a little bit, and then the following day I got DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Strain) just like you would from a regular full-on workout! I was really surprised – I could feel all my muscles working – in that good way – no pain – just that nice feeling you get when you’ve worked your muscles. I was surprised that simple 20 minutes could create this effect, and so I decided I should give it a go.
My key reasons for choosing this training was the short session time with fast results and to really build strength safely in my hip.

Kirsty doing fu/nis EMS training

fu/nis: You’re pretty active, can you just briefly share your fitness background and what your usual routine was.
Kirsty: So, as I mentioned, I used to teach Body Balance yoga 4-5 times a week or more. I’m also a qualified Personal Trainer and Health and nutrition coach. Over the past two years since having my second baby, I really haven’t done a lot. This EMS training has proven to be the one thing I could stick to at the moment. Some weeks I also add in a Body Balance yoga class, a regular flow yoga class and occasionally a HITTs workout. But sometimes it’s just EMS training – depends on how the week goes with a little one that doesn’t always sleep!

fu/nis: How did your training change over time with us? Do you see a difference in how you lean into the training compared to the first session?
Kirsty: Since my first session where I was still a bit unsure if EMS was for me… I’ve loved having it as a key part of my fitness each week in the end. I try to add on extra yoga and HITTs workouts when I can, but even if I don’t, I can feel the strength I’ve gained. The trainers have gradually increased the intensity on the unit as I’ve got stronger.I’m still not sure about the buzzing sensation – but you get used to it, and it works so effectively!

fu/nis: After the first ten sessions, what did you notice?
Kirsty: I could actually fit into several dresses that I couldn’t previously fit into – so that’s progress! My body felt generally firmer, and my husband said he could really see the difference! Strength-wise: one of my key reasons for doing this training was to strengthen my hip, and I feel SO much stronger with EMS. I had pain if I walked too far uphill in my hip previously, and I can now trek miles and feel so much stronger.

fu/nis: I know you’re living super healthy, you’re vegetarian right? Apart from a regular routine with us once a week, what else has changed in your habits and in your lifestyle?
Kirsty: I eat a mainly vegetarian diet but also eat occasional fish and bone broth. I have always had a fairly health-conscious diet. Doing EMS keeps me motivated to stick to what I know is better for me. As I see a trainer once a week – it’s like a little weekly motivator to stick to it. I’ve also started walking everywhere – and feel so much stronger and more energised to do this. On the weeks when I get a chance to add in some additional exercise like HITTs or yoga, it amazes me how my muscles just switch on. They feel very different compared to before the EMS training. It’s as though the EMS ‘turns the muscles on’ and so when I do any other exercise they are ready to go, and I can feel them working so much stronger straight away. Even walking uphill, I can feel my glutes working – which I never could before! Glutes are typically lazy muscles – so to be able to activate them like this is fantastic – particularly for my hip strength and stability… perfect after having kids!

Thanks for sharing those insights with us 🙂