Why EMS Training is the go-to workout when looking for a safe workout in times of Covid to boost your health

When looking at leading a healthy lifestyle as well as ‘boosting’ your immune system, there are several factors involved. From your diet, exercise routine and programs, how you unwind plus your positive mental state – they all create the overall picture of good health and well-being. What you may not realise is that by using electro muscle stimulation training, it can be a fantastic boost for the immune system, plus benefiting both your body as well as your mindset. 

Man worksout covid safe with EmS training

Viral infections such as Covid-19 reduce your body’s defence system. The potential risk of this can decrease your immune system by promoting inflammation in the body as well as imbalances in immune cell function. With a sustainable sports program like EMS training, you can increase the odds by strengthening your immune system, boosting your health and well-being, and staying fit at the same time.

Why EMS training?

EMS training is only a 20 min workout so it’s suitable for adults of all ages and varying fitness levels. EMS stands for electro-muscle stimulation, and it uses technology to intensify your training by sending small impulses to the muscles to contract them. It’s high intensity strength training as it’s a higher quality contraction, but low impact at the same time. It also has many other benefits, some of which include

  • reducing back pain,
  • aiding weight loss and
  • increasing metabolism,
  • increasing endurance whilst developing and maintaining muscle strength,
  • plus increasing blood flow and circulation.

This is greatly beneficial as it improves the recovery of muscles and the cardiovascular system, whilst increasing blood around the body and to internal organs.

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How does your immune system benefit from your workout?

There have been several scientific studies  which have proven the positive effects on athletic training and muscle building on the immune system. The number of immune cells in the blood increases considerably through regular exercise. After only a few seconds of targeted workouts, more NK cells/large granular lymphocytes – LGL (a type of white blood cell) are produced which can recognize and kill virus-infected cells. Through whole body EMS training, individual muscle groups are activated whilst at the same time deeper muscle fibres are worked – strengthening the body as a unit. As a result, it is a sustainable training method, plus one that benefits our immune system. 

With a covid-secure exercise regime like EMS training, you can make a valuable contribution to strengthening your immune system. Why not book in for a session today and give your body a way to strengthen, boost the immune system and feel great, both inside and out?!

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