Winter Fitness Goals & why we love a good workout

With short days and changeable weather during winter it can be easy to get stuck in a cycle of low activity, hearty eating and a hibernation mindset. As lovely and cosy as this can be, often this deviation from the more active summer routine can leave us feeling sluggish and even out of sorts in winter.

enjoy a challenging workout

There’s so much noise around us, so many fitness places talk about ‘transforming your body’ or ‘slimming’ or ‘trimming down’. To be honest – we don’t believe in this approach.

Our vision is to help you get a stronger, fitter & healthier you. Our ambition and mission revolve around the idea to make your workout fun, efficient & high quality to make a positive impact on how you feel in your everyday life. 

Exercise is so much more than just an opportunity to lose weight.

Often focusing on weight loss can turn what should be an enjoyable moment of your day into something stressful. By focusing on something positive, you can really start to appreciate your body and see yourself working towards your goals within just a few weeks.

Set realistic goals with your fitness journey to succeed

So, let’s talk about goals for your winter training that DON’T revolve around weight loss.  What about changing your winter training goals to one of the following:

  1. Muscles: 
    Strength training doesn’t have to be about getting guns or upping your bench press Personal Best. Strength training benefits many areas such as feeling stronger when lifting heavy items at work, being able to pick up and play with your kids or grandkids, or being able to carry all the shopping bags from your car at once! Winning!
  2. Brain fitness: 
    One of the main benefits our clients speak of is how awake they feel after a training. That’s not just because our sessions are only 20 minutes long which means few extra zzz’s in the morning, but also because exercise increases blood flow to the brain in a major way and also boosts endorphin levels. Hello good vibes!
  3. Self-love: 
    Going from little-to-no exercise to exercising regularly can feel like a big step, especially if you are out of the habit. The good news is finding 20 minutes in your busy day might be easier than 60-90 minutes required in a traditional gym. Also, busting through a high-intensity workout like EMS training with the support of your personal trainer will leave you feeling super proud of your body and what it can achieve.
  4. Social interaction: 
    EMS training with your buddy is a great way to have all the benefits from above and being able to fit in a social catch up while working at your own intensity. We promise there will be laughs and lots of challenging buddy exercises from our trainers!

For us, winter workouts are more than just getting the great summer body. They’re for your soul, system & overall wellbeing!

Disclaimer – EMS training is for every shape, size, fitness level and goal because our trainers set up our impulses and then tailor the session just for you. Try it yourself to find out all about it. It’s easy, just contact us to get started.